Reading List

Physics 235, Fall 2004

It may be necessary to refer to several textbooks to clarify concepts discussed in class and to study additional examples.  The following textbooks are on reserve in the Physics and Astronomy Library.

  1. "Classical Mechanics", H. Goldstein (Addison-Wesley).  This is the gold standard for graduate texts in this field.  This superbly written book is too advanced for this course, but may be of use as an advanced reference.
  2. "Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics", M.G. Calkin (World Scientific).  A more condensed book at a slightly more advanced level than recommended for this course.
  3. "Introduction to Classical Mechanics", Atam P. Arya (Prentice Hall).  A text at the appropriate level for this course.
  4. "Analytical Mechanics", Grant R. Fowles (Saunders).  Not as advanced as required but may be useful as a reference.

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