Computerized Classroom Construction

On December 12 the installation of the grid support structure for the ceiling was completed. Rapid progress was made with the installation of the new light fixtures. These photographs show some of the the new light fixtures installed in the ceiling (left) and the airconditioning ductwork above the ceiling grid (right).

The furniture was installed on December 12. Three tables are connected to form an 18 feet long worksurface. One computer station will be located on either side of this worksurface. The remaining surface will be used by the students to carry out experiments during class. The photograph on the right-hand side shows the 5 rows of tables. Four computer stations will be located in each row (two on either side of the center isle). The total number of computer stations for the students is 20. For the Physics by Inquiry course two students will work together and share one computer station.

The classroom furniture is made by KI. All power and networking cables are hidden in raceways mounted below the working surface. Power (and optionally network) connections are available via the pop-up connectors mounted on the surface of the table (see left photograph).

The instructor table, located on the right-hand side of the class room is 12 foot long. The table is higher than the student tables, since it is assumed that the instructor will carry a lot of his experiments out while standing. Note that when the students are working they turn their backs to the instructor. This has two advantages:

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