Here are some pictures of the NSRL tandem control console which is stored in our graveyard. Due to all the other junk around and the poor lights, the pictures are quite dark, but they essentially show the hardware we have available. Here are the dimensions:

View of the central part of the console. There are 3 19" spaces available for mounting monitors and other hardware. There are holes on the top of the console gor cables which will allow other monitors to be installed on top. All cabinets have door on the back. In addition, we have writing surfaces which mount in front of the console (both in the center and on the sides).

This is one of the two side consoles; each has 2 19" spaces for monitors etc. This unit does not have a top since another half rack was mounted on top of it. The other side console has a finsihed top. There is a writing surface that can be mounted in front of this console.

This picture shows the two consoles moved next to each other by applying brute Dutch force. The second side console is hidden behind a pile of junk which even a strong Dutchman could not move without causing a collapse of the surrounding junk.