TOF Carts.

This page contains a few images of the carts that are used to transport and mount sections of the PHOBOS TOF wall. These carts and mounting structures were designed and constructed by our collaborators in Krakow.

Two general views of the TOF carts. The two carts that were constructed are identical so that both can be used to locate a section of the TOF wall on the floor. The 4 wheels can move up and down. When the carts are being used to support a section of the TOF wall on the floor, the wheels will be retracted, and the cart will rest on the large metal plate visible between the wheels. The rail system to be used to support a section of the TOF wall will be mounted on the top plate. Fine adjustments in all 3 directions is provided for. The CAMAC crate and patch panel will be mounted on the 4 support bars, visible between the wheels. The fixture with the 5 holes, visible on the front of the cart in the right picture, is used to connect the cart of the magnet frame during installation/removal of the section of the TOF wall which is located inside the magnet.



Some pictures of the plate on which the rail system will be mounted. The different views shows the various fine adjustment tools that are provided for, allowing for a fine adjustment of the top plate in all 3 direction.





One of the mounting frames on which 30 TOF modules will be mounted. This bottom plate of this frame will mount on the rail systems installed on the carts and in the magnet.



These pictures show the positioning tools that ensure that the cart that supports the section of the TOF wall that sits in the floor can be returned to its exact location if it needs to be moved for whatever reason. Two large pins are installed next to two of the wheels of the cart. These pins are clearly visible in the top pictures, where the pins are in their retracted position. On the floor we will install two square positioning plates, shown on the bottom two pictures, which will define the exact location of the cart. The two pins lock into the large center whole of these plates.





This masterpiece of engineering was provided to us by our Polish collaborators from Krakow!